Crisis Management

Welcome to my blog - I am an in-house PR Manager but take a particular interest in crisis management, and more specifically the way in which new technology influences an emergency and shapes the way an organisation responds. All thoughts appreciated - welcome aboard!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Threat, Opportunity or Both?

With reference to my original post, and having recently comprehensively researched the role that new media plays in a crisis, I have identified the following threats and opportunities it presents.

I’d be fascinated to know if you have encountered any more through first or second-hand experience:


* The Internet provides instant communication, and as such damaging incidents and comment spread immediately to the media, industry and customers
* During a crisis the web allows for bloggers and website authors to criticise an organisation, which journalists will often stumble across
* The Internet has made a lasting record of all media since the mid-90s, and the blogosphere now makes a permanent and highly searchable vehicle for all commentary since approx 2003


* ‘Dark’ websites and a company blog can counter speculation and provide the latest corporate information
* Press releases, statements etc can be placed online with immediate effect
* The Internet will act as a key source of information for the organisation and crisis team during an incident
* Photoblogs and podcasts can complement the activities of the company spokesperson and enhance an organisation’s openness
* New media allows the user to specifically target external individuals and organisations in order to establish a level of relationship building

Monday, August 07, 2006

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Corporate blogging is a much-debated and divisive subject. Its use in a crisis is seemingly unclear.

When disaster strikes, for those firms with a corporate blog, the message appears to be to keep blogging and remain open and accountable.

But for those companies without a blog, establishing and using such social media is often criticised and referred to as 'spin'. Yet there is also a school of thought that any attempt at blogging is seen as a positive move. Which side of the fence do you sit on?

Monday, July 31, 2006

What Role The Podcast?

While much is written on the role that blogging plays during a crisis, podcasting information and advice is particularly thin on the ground.

The immediacy and accessibility of blogging means that it can quickly add fuel to the flames of an emergency. Yet next to nothing appears to have been written on the threats posed by the podcast.

In addition little has been written on the opportunites podcasting offers when diaster strikes - it can be used to complement the activities of a spokesperson and in doing so enhance an organisation’s openness and transparency, yet seemingly little else.

Is the PR industry missing a trick by not engaging more extensively with the podcast, or does its lack of immedicay render it redundant when all hell is breaking loose?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crisis Management

To kick off my blog, I would argue that the role new media, ie the Internet, blogging and podcasting, plays in crisis management is twofold. In the first instance it has created a raft of additional challenges for the PR professional, and yet it also offers a myriad of new opportunities to deal with an emergency.

So do you agree? If so what difficulties has new media posed for you during a crisis? And have you used new media to help manage an emergency, or even turned it your advantage?

Much debate also centres on the role of blogging - should organisations set up a corporate blog, or utilise an existing one, to fight fire with fire?

Currently information and advice on these subjects is limited so interested to hear your opinions or examples of good practice.